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Why You Should Go To Summer Camp With Camp Canada

If you’re wondering what to do with your summer and want to make a difference, then we’ve got the solution for you. Go to summer camp with Camp Canada to elevate your CV, elevate your friendships and elevate your summer.

Author: Camp Canada
23 Jan 14:31

Why go to Canada?

Canada is an amazing place, offering plenty of warm summers to explore the national parks and see animals you’ve only seen on the TV. We love a good moose up here.

Known to be the cousin to America, Canada has much lower crime rates, and a reputation of having some of the most friendly locals.

By visiting Canada, you have the opportunity to feel the spray of the Niagara Falls and experience the life within the Quebec or Toronto cities.

You can see the polar bears and the Northern Lights all in Alberta. Then go to visit an ice hockey game and festivals like the Shambhala Music Festival for a real taste of Canadian Culture.

But if you want a real taste of Canada, then we also have the answer, maple syrup!

Travelling to Canada doesn’t have to be costly either. According to the Government of Canada, an eTA will only cost you $7 CAD. So if you’re worried about high entry costs, then don’t, this is under £12!

With an eTA, you can explore Canada after your time at a summer camp in Canada for up to 6 months. Think leading adventure trips and travelling to new mountain ranges, towns, and cities, the choice is yours.

What is Camp Canada…

Camp Canada is a summer camp program. Summer camps in Canada have been around since the 1800’s and offer the opportunity for children to have amazing summers amongst friends and the outdoors.

With Camp Canada you can go and work at one of these summer camps in Canada. You’ll have a bed, board and food all taken care of, and you’ll go and make a campers summer.

It’s an opportunity to better yourself and your career prospects. Travel to Canada with like-minded people and become part of a team.

Camp Canada allows 18-33* year-olds to become role models. You’ll be ensuring the wellbeing of campers as a Camp Counsellor, or teaching campers your chosen skill as an Activity Specialist.

With Camp Canada, organising your trip is easy. There is a 24/7 help team that will guide you through anything you need about your summer with Camp Canada.

How to get to a summer camp…

At Camp Canada, we recruit young people from around the world to work at Canadian summer camps. We’re looking for motivated and enthusiastic people that are keen to learn from other camp staff and campers, while sharing their culture.

If you fit this, then what you waiting for?

You can apply online and be taken through our online portal to find your role, or you can join us at a job fair to meet Camp Directors in person.

The job fairs are a fantastic opportunity for you to spend time with the team and find a summer camp in Canada that is right for you.

At these fairs, you can be hired on the day!

You can secure your place with a deposit. After your interview you’ll also have options for the rest of your instalments.

With Camp Canada, for the cost of flights alone, you’ll have food, accommodation, travel help, orientation, health insurance, spending money, support and more.

Your flights, medical check, criminal background check, biometrics fee and electronic travel authorization (visa) fee are the only things that need separate payment.

You can also make the most of some great flight deals with our expert in-house flight team. They will help you find the right flights at the right prices for you.

As a Camp Canada participant, you don’t need a visa to travel and work in Canada!

This is different to working at a camp in America. You’ll save time and avoid any embassy appointments or confusing paperwork.

To be a part of a Canadian summer camp, you’ll need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). You can apply for an eTA online at anytime before your trip, which you’ll get once you land in Canada.

Everything will be processed and paid for during this time so that when you arrive, there is nothing to worry about. Again, we’re here to make everything run smoothly.

Other than flights, the time it can take to get to the camp from the time of applying for the position can depend on you.

You can apply for the positions as soon as possible, until May when all the Summer camp positions are full for the season. Then you’ll be travelling to Canada by June 24th.

We suggest that you book sooner rather than later because the earlier you book, the more choice of camps within Canada you’ll have!

There are many benefits of being at a summer camp!

While you’re there, you won’t need to worry about spending money. Those aged 18 will earn at least $1300 CAD in the camp, while those aged 19 and above will earn at least $1500 CAD. Think of all the maple syrup you can buy with that.

Save your spending money for your travels across Canada once your time in the summer camp is over!

The benefits of working abroad vs working at home is huge, especially when you’re trying to think of answers to future interview questions. You can talk about gaining valuable experience, learning a new language (if you’re posted in one of the Quebec camps) and working with children that come from different backgrounds.

There are 8 camps in French Canada and 89 camps in English-speaking region.

You’ll have the opportunity to work at any of these and they each offer something different. There are traditional camps, underprivileged children camps, faith-based camps, special needs camps and rustic-style camps.

You’ll get the opportunity to meet lots of people. And, you can then travel across Canada with them afterwards.

In short: you will meet new friends and improve your CV and overall travel experience. So don’t wait any longer. Get yourself involved in a summer of a lifetime!

What is a day at a summer camp in Canada like?

When you’ve arrived at your summer camp with Camp Canada, you’ll quickly get used to the rota of daily activities.

At 8 AM it’s time to wake up and get the day (and your campers) started and ready.

At 9 AM you’ll be enjoying the most important meal of the day with fellow camp counselors, activity specialists and the campers, too. You’ll always find something you love on the menu. Even if it is a bowl of maple syrup with a side of waffle.

10 AM the first activity of the day will be starting. As a camp counselor it’s your job to get your campers to the activity. And, as an activity specialist you’ll be expected to have your area ready for the arrival of the campers.

12:30 PM you’ll be hungry for some lunch and you won’t be disappointed with what’s on the menu. It will consist of lunchtime menus from across the globe, giving you the chance to experience food culture you never even knew about.

1:30 PM you’ll need time for your lunch to settle and for the other activities to get ready for the campers, again.

2:30 PM the activities will re-commence and the fun will continue, as a camp counselor you even get the chance to join in on all the fun with the campers!

3:30 PM it’s snack time and everyone loves this break, not just for the rest between activities, but for the snacks, too.

4 PM its back to the activities to end the day. These are generally more relaxed, so you can expect some light-hearted fun and games with the campers and the activity specialists.

6 PM it’s dinner time, the final meal of the day. This will be a platter of classic Canadian foods like poutine and bannock or something else from around the globe. It will be well needed and well-deserved after a day of activities.

8 PM the evening activities start and these are a chance for everyone from each cabin to get together and enjoy some fun. This can be a traditional campfire or even a talent show.

10 PM it’s time to head to and you’ll wonder where the day’s gone. Recharge the batteries and get ready for another day of your elevated summer!

Don’t forget to keep in contact with friends and family

Your freedom and free time is necessary and we understand that you’ll want some time to talk to your family and tell them what an amazing time you’re having. So, we always make sure that your summer camp experience is broken up with time to relax.

Most camps provide a 24-hour block in which can you do as you wish. Other camps will give you 2-4 days off in a row every few weeks, giving you the chance to explore.

If you want to call your parents then we recommend checking with your network provider if you can place international calls from Canada.

If you just want to Skype them, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s guaranteed WiFi at most of the Camp Canada camps.

Plus, according to Royal Mail, international standard delivery only takes 5 to 7 days so there is plenty of time for communication, just in-case you’d like to send any postcards.

There’s the benefit of being able to travel around Canada afterwards

Going to summer camp is far from all work and no play.

After your 8-10 weeks working with the camp and then you’ll have a chance to explore Canada. This can be up to 6 months of travelling around Canada! Get all the maple syrup.

When you’ve finished working, we’ll help you head to the border to activate your eTA.

During your travels, why not take the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls, discover Erik Island, and go to the Royal BC Museum. It’s up to you.

It’s your choice how long you wish to be travelling in Canada after your time in the summer camp. So make sure that the duration suits you and then this will determine a daily budget.

We’re here to support you 24/7, even on your travels.

*Participants aged 31 - 33 can apply, but only if they have a Working Holiday Visa.

**This price does not include the flights or the medical check as this will depend on the time of year and the GP surgery, respectively.

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