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How Summer Camp in Canada Can Boost Your Future Career

What are your summer plans? A question we’ve most probably been asked hundreds of times before. We’ve almost always had an answer, especially recently, since there are more options available to us than there ever have been before.

One of the most popular answers is summer camp. Every year thousands of young adults and university students sign up to spend their summer working at camp in Canada. And it’s not just first timers, it’s people returning year after year because they love it so much.

Author: Camp Canada
30 Oct 16:02

If you’re one of those people, either going to camp for the first time or returning for another piece of the action, you’re making the right decision. Whether you’ve decided to take on the role of camp counsellor. Maybe you want to inspire a group of campers and make sure they have the best summer ever. Or whether you’ve got a hobby you love and want to share your skill with the campers. You’re going to have the experience of a lifetime.

Now if you are a returner, you’ll know all of this already. You’ll also know how amazing it is to come back and tell people all about the experience you’ve had, whether it’s your friends, family or future employers.

In a world where it’s more and more difficult to get a job, we are all focused on how to make ourselves stand out. Summer Camp in Canada is a surefire way to get noticed for so many reasons.

camp canada gives you the chance to stand out.

travelling is more than just sight seeing

Employers love to see that you’ve travelled. Not only when you go to camp are you travelling to a different country, you’re doing it solo. It’s going to bring a whole host of skills your way. You’ll be more confident in speaking to new people, making friends and getting involved. You’ll gain independence, knowing you are more than capable of dealing with any challenging situation thrown your way.

life skills vs taught skills

Camp will teach you, through experience, how to work well as a team, how to keep on top of your time management, how to lead a group, how to communicate and how to be adaptable to different situations. These are all skills you can put an example to after you’ve been to camp. Rather than saying ‘I’m good at communicating’, you can say why and how you’ve demonstrated the skill. You’ll turn a simple sentence into the punch line sentence that could get you the dream job you’ve applied for.

do what you love

You know the saying, if you make your job something you love, it’ll never feel like work. Everyone wants to make their hobby a career. If your passionate enough you can do it. Working as a camp activity specialist in Canada can put your dream in reach. You’ll get to develop, practice and grow in confidence with regards to the hobby you’re so passionate about. It’ll make employers fall for you instantly.

it’s what you know (but also who you know)

The friendships and bonds you form with people at camp could turn into potential contacts for your next career steps. We aren’t saying this is the only reason to make friends, friendship is so much more than that, you know that and we know that. What we mean is, you could hear about a job opening in a company your friend works in. Or you could hear about a role that your company is offering out that you know would be perfect for a friend. It wouldn’t hurt for either of you to put in a good word for each other.

boost your future career with us.

kickstart your career in education

If you want to make a career out of working with children, whether it’s in a traditional teaching environment e.g. in a mainstream school or special educational needs school. Or whether it’s teaching a specific skill e.g. musical instruments, sports, arts and crafts. Camp is going to help you get the experience you need to kick start your career.

We have different types of camp as well, depending on what field you’re trying to break into. Whatever the experience you want, we can provide it. Whether you’re wanting the traditional experience of summer camp like you’ve seen in films, or whether you want to challenge yourself and really make a difference to a child’s life with our camps for under-privileged or special needs children.

Turn your summer plans into the best decision you will make for your future career.

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