there’s a role for everyone.

roles at camp

Going to work at a summer camp is one of the best summer jobs you could ever have. We work with hundreds of amazing camps in Canada, making sure we find you the best summer camp job possible.

Whether you see yourself teaching your favourite activity, lifeguarding, trying a bit of everything or something behind the scenes - there’s a role for everyone at summer camp.

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job roles

camp counsellor

As a Camp Counsellor, you will be the one in charge of looking after a group of 6-12 campers. You will be the ultimate role model for your campers as you offer them support through their camp journey. As a counsellor you will take part in all the amazing activities throughout the day, stay with them at night in the cabins, plan activities throughout their time at camp and ensure they have you to turn to if they have any problems.

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job roles

activity specialist

If you have a skill and feel confident teaching or coaching this skill to campers, then Activity Specialist is for you. Your skill could be anything from a basketball coach to a lifeguard, from arts and crafts to high ropes, if you are skilled in an activity, then it's more than likely you will be able to teach it at camp.

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