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Q&A: The Life of a Summer Camp Photographer

Meet Amy! She is originally from Manchester, England and currently studying in Liverpool.

Amy took part in our Camp Canada program in the summer of 2018 and worked as a Photographer at a summer camp near Montréal, Quebec.

Here’s a glimpse into Amy’s summer working as a Camp Photographer in Canada.

Author: Camp Canada
27 Feb 21:01

1. Tell us about how you find out about Camp Canada.

I first found out about Camp Canada via a promotional email from Smaller Earth. A week later, all my plans for my Canadian adventure were in place!

2. What made you want to work at a summer camp in Canada?

The reason I wanted to take part in the Camp Canada program was because I had never travelled solo before, but I always wanted to. I thought this would be a great opportunity to do so in a supportive environment with like-minded people.

3. What was your role at camp?

My role at summer camp was a Camp Photographer.

4. Did you originally apply for this position?

No. I originally applied for various specialties such as a Horse Riding Specialist, Outdoor Cooking Specialist and an Arts Specialist. It was only in my interview that I found out that Camp Photographer was an available role.

5. How much experience did you have in this specialty before you worked at camp?

I had barely any experience as a Photographer prior to working at summer camp. I had always enjoyed photography and only started taking it seriously as a hobby around a month before I applied.

6. What were your first thoughts when you got hired as an Activity Specialist?

I was super excited about gaining more experience in something I loved doing, all while experiencing summer camp and Canadian culture; the best of both worlds!

7. What did your first week at camp look like? Did you receive any support when you first arrived at camp?

My first week at camp was very intense. We experienced pre-camp, camper luggage drop-off, among other things. However, I was fully supported in preparation for my role and was given all of the information I needed in order to succeed in my specialty.

8. How much interaction did you have with the campers?

I interacted with my campers everyday. I woke them up in the morning, put them to bed at night and ate all my meals with them.

9. What do you wish you knew about working as an Activity Specialist?

I think I was pretty much fully prepared for my specialty. I was given the outline of my role prior to camp and I wasn't surprised by any details of the role once I arrived. I think this was one of the best aspects of my particular camp because they made sure to fully inform me and prepare me for what my role would look like.

10. What did you do during your time off at camp?

During days off there was an opportunity to go to Montréal for the night, which many Activity Specialists chose to do. However, I preferred to stay at camp, have dinner at the local restaurant with my friends, enjoy the scenery, or relax in my cabin.

11. What’s your most memorable moment about working at summer camp in Canada?

My most memorable moment about working at a summer camp in Canada is the small, seemingly insignificant moments you share with your campers and other staff. Dancing around the bunk before bed, last wills and banquets; just to name a few! The life-long friendships I've made with my campers and my unit staff are also a huge part of what made camp so memorable to me. Summer camp is an extremely unique experience and has given me some of my best friends and memories. These friends are the reason I will continue to return to Canada for as long as possible!

12. Describe working at camp in three words.

Unforgettable. Rewarding. Amazing / Best. Decision. EVER.

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