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Why Going to the Camp Canada’s Job Fair Is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Do you know which camp you're going to spend your summer at?

No? Well keep on reading and let us convince you why going to a job fair is the best decision you'll ever make.

Author: Camp Canada
23 Jan 14:34

The official Camp Canada job fairs are the biggest event in our calendars, well maybe just after Christmas, and they’re your ticket to sorting your summer. Fast.

The job fairs explained

The job fairs are the opportunity to meet real camp directors. You’ll be able to enter the room, interview and walk away with your summer job in Canada, sorted.

They’re set in 3 major cities. You’ll arrive and enter a hall with Canadian Camp Directors each sat at a stall.

We’ll have a great number of camp directors touring with us over the course of the fairs, so you have a range of options to go for, when choosing camps. Quickest placement ever.

Since 2012, we’ve sent a massive 35,000+ people to summer camp abroad. From year to year a growing number of excited applicants use us to help them spend their summer working in the Canadian mountains. We can say that fairs kick off camp season and securing your placement already in January is an uplifting feeling. Not only will you have your summer job secured but after your early placement but you can sit back, take your time to plan your packing and your post camp travels.

The fairs are worth the travel

On average, camp directors will fly a massive 10,595 miles to meet you in person on the day.

We’d recommend booking your travel in advance to make sure you get the best deals on the day - especially if you’re, like our camp directors, travelling far too. Arriving early to the fair gives you a higher chance to get to have an interview with the summer camp you fancy.

Going to Camp Canada’s Job Fair is the best decision you’ll ever make

Summer may seem far away, but it will be here before you know it!

The job fairs give you more control over where you’ll be this summer. You can pick your fave camp and speak with them in person.

We’re going to have every type of camp at the fair. From the traditional camps to YMCA camps, Christian camps, Girl Scout camps, Jewish camps, inspiring special needs camps… just to name a few. There’s a role for everyone and this is the event to find out yours, in person, on the day.

Grab your chance to get hired on the spot.

So make sure you’ve got yourself booked, that you’ve added it to your events page on your profile and we’ll see you there.

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