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another reason to choose Canada.

IEC visa not required for Camp Canada

All of Camp Canada's international staff members are visa exempt. This means that you can work in Canada this summer, with just a work permit.

We know applying for work permits can sound daunting. Don’t worry, we are here to help every step of the way and have an certified immigration consultant on the team who will be able to assist you with all your paperwork.

What's the difference between a Camp Canada work permit & the IEC?

In place of the International Experience Canada visa, the Canadian government grants a work permit to international summer camp counselors - you just need to have a fixed-length job offer in hand. This is where Camp Canada comes in.

Work permits are more available and easier to get than the IEC.

Unlike the IEC, there is no cap to the amount of work permits the Canadian government gives out each year, or how many times you can use it. You don't need proof of funds, as you do with the IEC, which requires a minimum of $2,500 CAD in your account.

Use a work permit to see Canada now, and save your IEC until you're ready for a bigger adventure.

A popular option for international Camp Canada staff members is to spend a few summers as a counselor, and then apply for the IEC visa. That way, you don't have to use your limited-use IEC until you're ready so you can get the most out of it.

Go back to Canada with a work permit if you've already used your IEC visa.

If you've already used your IEC visa, or were unsuccessful in applying for one this year, you can still go to Canada this summer with a work permit through Camp Canada. Unlike the IEC, you can return to Canada again and again with the same work permit.

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your paperwork

Applying for your work permit:

  • Once placed, we’ll get started on organizing your paperwork. Keep an eye on your email inbox during this time in case we need any additional documents from you.
  • We will send copies of all the documents that you will need to download, print and pack in your carry-on luggage which you will then show the border officer when you arrive in Canada.

Arriving into Canada:

You’ll need your passport and copies of your work permit documents that were sent to your Camp Canada account, that's it! Your work permit will be printed and attached to your passport when you land.

Having all your documents organized beforehand makes the whole process go as smoothly as possible.

Your Community Success Representative, along with our Toronto-based Certified Immigration Consultant and work permit support team, will help guide you through every step of the way. It can be overwhelming to take on any immigration process - just remember, by choosing Camp Canada, you’re never alone and you always have someone to ask any questions to!

what does the process look like?

Step 1: Program acceptance Congrats! You nailed your interview, and you're accepted to Camp Canada. We'll now work to place you at a camp that is a great fit for you.

Step 2: Job offer In order to be exempt from the IEC visa, you'll need to have a job offer in hand. We guarantee you a job if you're accepted to the program.

Step 3: Application With our support you'll gather documents, complete your work permit application online, and sit back while it processes.

Step 4: Biometrics Once invited to do so, you’ll go to a visa application centre to give your biometric information (fingerprints and photo).

Step 5: Fly to Canada Once your work permit is approved, you’re able to fly! When you land, you’ll present your confirmation letter to the Immigration Officer in your arrival city.

*Step 6: Work Permit Success! *You'll have your fresh new work permit in your passport and you’re ready to start your job at camp! Woo hoo!

Head to Canada with the experts for all the support you need