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Partnerships & Referrals

How can you partner with Camp Canada?

Each year, more than 1 million children attend summer camps in Canada. Camp Canada help provide trained, qualified, and vetted staff to summer camps to make a positive impact and have the summer of a lifetime.

We partner with organisations that work with adults who have experience with children, an activity, or another relevant discipline, to ensure they can offer Camp Canada as an extension of their current service offering.

Each partnership is uniquely tailored, to ensure that Camp Canada works specifically for your business.

From a dedicated Account Manager, to a comprehensive marketing Media Pack, we ensure that the Camp Canada opportunity is as accessible and seamless as possible.

The benefits of partnering with Camp Canada

Provide new opportunities to your audience

Increase your offering and provide an incredible opportunity to work in Canada to your audience.

We work with a wide range of partners, covering industries such as childcare, sports, education and many more. Summer camp is an incredible opportunity for everyone to gain experience, build key skills and develop, all whilst having the summer of a lifetime.

Being able to offer this allows our partners a further opportunity to best serve their own audience, with summer camp offering endless benefits to all that go.

Work with a leading travel business

We've been there, done it, and got the tie-dye t-shirt to prove it.

We've been sending applicants to work in Canada for over 20 years, so we're a well-established leader in the travel and cultural exchange industries.

Our extensive network with sponsors, partners, providers, stakeholders, summer camps and more shows how much we believe in the opportunity of summer camp.

If you're looking to partner with the original Canadian summer camp experts, then look no further.

Marketing support & media pack

We firmly believe that the opportunity of summer camp should be for everyone, and we'll make sure you've got everything you need to make it happen.

We'll put together a comprehensive co-branded Media Pack for you (more on that further down the page), which you can use until your heart's content.

From social graphics to event presentations, we'll give you all the tools to make a summer of a lifetime happen for your audience.

Dedicated customer service team

Our customer service team have been to camp, loved their experience, and are ready to help others realise their own journey.

Once an applicant has applied, they'll enter their own Camp Canada journey. From here, our expert Customer Service team will guide them the entire way, from helping them ace their application, through to guidance on securing a visa.

We'll make sure they've got someone in their corner throughout.

Why partner with Camp Canada?

Our customer service team has the highest level of expertise when it comes to summer camp. We've all been to camp ourselves, so we're passionate about what we do. With a well-trodden route over 20 years, we're the summer camp experts for a reason.

  • We're dedicated to providing 24/7 support for applicants at camp.
  • We support applicants from their first application through to finishing the programme in-country
  • We've sent over 50,000 participants in the past 20 years
  • Our staff have all been to summer camp, so they know its impact.

Media Pack Inclusions

Camp Canada landing page

Make your audience's journey flow with a co-branded landing page on Camp Canada.

We'll create a tailored, unique landing page, which we can host on the Camp Canada page. This page can be created in collaboration with yourself, ensuring that the content on their acts as the perfect crossing point from your business to ours.

Co-branded launch image

Lets shout about it in style.

We'll provide you a launch image, which you're welcome to use on whichever medium or platform you want.

This co-branded image will include your logo and the Camp Canada logo, allowing you to share the news of the partnership.

Social pack

Get social with Camp Canada.

Stories. Posts. Shares. We'll do the heavy lifting for you and create 3x co-branded stories and 3x co-branded posts, allowing you to use this content and schedule it into your existing content calendar.

Promo video

Video leads the way online and we'll make sure you're not left behind.

Summer camp is an incredible experience and one that has to be seen to be believed. We'll create a co-branded promo video to use wherever you like, which shows off the very best of what a summer in Canada has to offer.

Camp Canada Presentation

Talk with confidence about the Camp Canada program.

A lot of our partners tend to run in-person or virtual events, where they cover a range of topics that are useful to their audience.

If you're wanting to cover Camp Canada for 5-10 minutes in those chats, we provide a co-branded presentation, which covers the key areas about the program and how it all works.

Unique QR code

QR codes have found their place in the marketing world.

They're super quick, easy to use tools to take people directly to a particular webpage. We'll get a QR code setup for you, taking your audience directly to your Camp Canada landing page, fully tracked and ready to go.

Whatever you need to help your audience, we've got it.