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your summer stage.

performing arts & media jobs

Lights, camera, action.

Welcome to performing arts at summer camp. These are the activities which bring summer camp to life, with music, chants and shows, campers love to be involved in the latest production or project. If you’ve got the talent, we’ve got the place for you.

performing arts & media activities at camp:


If you like to spend most of your time high in the air, why not use your skills to teach kids at camp? Show us what you’re made of and attach photos or videos.

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costume & set design

Suit up and set the scene! Become a costume and/or set designer.

If you enjoy working behind the scenes on a show, this is the perfect role for you. Like always, show us any previous work you’ve done in your application.

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Camps are looking for dancers with skills such as hip-hop and choreography. You might be part of a performing arts program or play it solo in a dance department. Attach a video to your application and show us your moves.

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To be or not to be...a drama instructor at camp? Whether you have experience running a full length production or are teeming with drama activities, the stage is yours to take! Share all your theatrical and behind the scene experiences.

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Being a music instructor is a great way to introduce campers to instruments or help campers improve their current skills. Guitar and Piano instructors are in demand, so get your demos in and show us what you can do.

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Spend your summer photographing everything that happens at camp. All the action at camp means you'll get plenty of practice at catching sports, live events, and outdoor settings in all kinds of lighting.

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Broadcast your personality this summer by showing off your radio skills. Help run the camp radio station, present shows, and keep campers up-to-date with the daily happenings.

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Teach campers how to be confident singers. Often a skill required in a performing arts department, this is a necessary addition to those big camp performances or singing around the fire.

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Camps look for staff who can capture good footage and edit simple videos for the campers. Your schedule maybe uniques from regular counsellors, but essential for the camp experience.

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don't see your activity?

Apply anyways. There are too many roles at camp for us to list here, so chances are you'll be able to teach your skill at camp.

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