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First Time Camp Counselors FAQ's

Heading to Camp Canada as a first-time counselor?

Have a few questions? We can answer them all - but if we don't answer them here, feel free to call in and ask one of our friendly Camp Canada team members!

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23 Jul 14:33

camp canada pricing

How much does Camp Canada cost?

For this season's Camp Canada pricing, head to our pricing and spending money section. You'll be able to pay in instalments that work for you, and you'll earn spending money at camp.

Your deposit is not an additional cost to the program fee - the price you see is what you pay. You'll also have food and accommodation covered at camp, as well as health insurance, 24/7 support, and other perks.

Is the deposit refundable?

If you're not accepted onto the Camp Canada program, your deposit is 100% refundable.

If you're accepted onto the program, but decide to back out, your deposit will not be refundable. However, if you want to delay your departure for a year, your deposit can be applied to a future season.

next steps

What happens after I pay my deposit?

After your deposit is paid, you'll be able to fill in the new sections of your application. These include your skills, work experience, and camp preferences.

Do I need to request my references before I pay my deposit?

No! You can fill out your application in any order, and move forward with your deposit at any time. We suggest filling as much out as possible, paying your deposit, and booking in your interview as early as possible. That way, you'll move your application along, and be one step closer to finding out which camp you'll be going to for the summer!


How long does camp last?

Camp starts in June and ends in August - the specific dates will depend on which weeks your camp is in operation. You'll be at camp between 8-12 weeks, and your work permit will be valid for the duration of your contract.

What should I do if I can't arrive in time?

The best thing to do is get in touch. We may be able to sort out a late arrival for you, or put your application forward to the Extended Summer Program, which starts at the end of August.

job roles

Should I be an activity specialist or a general counselor?

Today's your lucky day - you've just stumbled upon one of the least-known summer camp application hacks out there. Ready? Here it is - on average, activity specialist roles are the most available, yet least applied for roles at camp. If you apply for one of these roles, you're giving yourself a great opportunity to work in a position you love.

Our advice is to find at least 3 activities you'd be interested in teaching at camp, and apply with those in mind. List them in the skills section of your application, and even consider getting a basic qualification before camp! If you think you would be able to teach a small group of kids, you might as well apply - if you don't get the role you want, you can still be a general counselor.

I don't have any qualifications or teaching experience - what should I do?

You'll be surprised what skills camps hire for - you can do almost anything at camp. That means that your experience doing an activity might qualify you automatically for a role you don't think you're eligible for.

Qualifications aren't required for most roles - you just need to be experienced enough in your activity to teach it to kids at camp. Remember, kids just want to have fun and learn at camp - if you can teach them the basics of your favourite sport, creative hobby, or even basic arts and crafts, you'll be a great candidate for the role you want.

camp placement

Where are the camps? Can I choose mine?

Many of our camps are located in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta, but we've got other camps in different areas of Canada as well. Wherever you go, you'll enjoy the warm, sunny Canadian summer weather.

You can't directly choose the camp, as their hiring is done on an as-needed basis. If your skills match with an open position at a camp, they'll get in touch in order to hire you. The best way to influence which camp you end up at is to let us know your skills and preferences, which will help us match you with a camp that's a great fit for you.

what to expect

Will I get time off?

Of course - your specific days off will depend on which camp you end up working at, but you'll be able to rest, recover, or travel with your free time while you're at camp.

Can I travel before or after camp on my work permit?

Absolutely - depending on which work permit you have, and how much pre-or post-camp travel you plan to do.

If you have an IEC working holiday visa, you can work and travel in Canada for as long as it's valid. If you have a normal temporary work permit that's typical of summer camp programs in Canada, you'll typically be permitted a few weeks before or after camp to travel.

It's also possible to change your visa to allow you to stay longer afterward. Simply ask one of our friendly Camp Canada staff, and we'll help you sort it out.

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