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Camp Canada activities

There are hundreds of varied activities that you can teach to campers at Camp Canada. These vary from sports based, to arts and crafts and everything in between.

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Camp Canada activities

sports coaching

Campers take part in roughly 6 activity sessions, and sport sessions make up a huge part of these. Sports activities are aimed at all abilities so being able to coach to different abilities is hugely important.

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Camp Canada activities

waterfront and lifeguarding

Waterfront and Lifeguarding are some of the most in demand positions in Canada. Waterfront jobs at camp are for anyone who has knowledge in a water based skill area and can instruct with energy, you don't have to be trained as a lifeguard, just a confident swimmer.

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Camp Canada activities

outdoor and adventure

Outdoor activities take place at summer camps all over the world, but it is in Canada where you will find the best outdoor activities. With the most breathtaking backdrop, Canada seems like the natural home for outdoor activities. With the wilderness on your doorstep, teaching outdoor activities in Canada would be the perfect summer job for anyone who has a passion for all things outdoors.

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Camp Canada activities

arts and crafts

Teaching Arts and Crafts at Camp Canada is a brilliant opportunity for you to get artistic by helping children develop their artistic skills. Creativity is at the forefront of arts and crafts, it could be anything from drawing to pottery, if creativity runs through you then there is no doubt teaching arts and crafts is the perfect role for you. Spend your summer in the studio and gain hundreds of hours of valuable experience teaching arts and crafts to campers.

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Camp Canada activities

performing and creative arts

Everyone loves performing and creating at camp, this makes teaching these activities extra special. You could be teaching on the stage, behind the scenes, or even behind the lens. Creativity is key for performance and the arts. If you feel like you have the right skills and can offer a supportive environment, then sign up and become part of a highly rewarding programme for the campers.

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